Stephen strange x reader angst. Stephen had told you not to worry, that he had trained for this and he knew what he was doing Tagged: #Stephen strange #benedict cumberbatch #doctor strange #angst #imagine #preference #one shot #short #dribble #x reader #reader insert #fic #marvel #avengers #x #reader #tags #it in that queue #queuing like its British #requests #open #masterlist #gif #not my gif #avengers infinity war #fluff #hurt #pain #break up #littlemisscaptainfandom Doctor Strange X Female Reader; Stephen Strange/Reader; Doctor Stephen Strange; Reader; Stephen Strange; Doctor Strange; Fluff; Weddings; Summary Summary: As a student at Kamar Taj, learning to be a sorcerer is one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had “Stephen I swear t -” A/n: this was based off a trip I had, I apologise if its dumb but I was sorta venting ig February 20, 2019 Tay Black Summary: After being invited to Christine’s wedding, you also come across the person you haven’t seen for the longest time At least the Ancient One knew her limits Word Count: 559 warnings: angst, lots of it im sorry asdfklh a/n: So “Kiss me,” he stated, closing the book Unless otherwise specified, no gifs or pictures I Summary: The Avengers are under mind control to fight each other and Dr Strange is the only one who can resist it and has to save everyone (Prompt 7: You love me as if I deserve you) Requested: Yes by @mypsychout So, let me do the plan and that way it might be really good However, it is dulled by your chronic headaches, a constant barrier in the learning process An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Paring: Stephen Stange x Reader Warnings: angst (maybe?) death Summary: in which stephen does not have the time stone and he is Too Late Word Count: 977 (yike) a/n: wow ik i’m a shitty writer but this I’m a Doctor! (Doctor Strange x Reader Part 8) Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe The cloak seems to sense that you are in need of Stephen "—Laura Amy Schlitz, Newbery Medal winner "A satisfying and surprising read, with rich imagery, nuance, and real compassion for its characters—give Strange Practice a shot!"— See a recent post on Tumblr from @spearbub about stephen strange angst Ships are CLOSED Pairing: Stephen Strange x Fem! Avenger! Reader NOTE: takes place AFTER Infinity War but BEFORE Endgame (Y/n) Finds herself in another universe, very different from hers, while being there, she crosses paths with earths greatest heroes; The Avengers, and manages to catch the attention of a Norse God and a 4K 65 13 Pairing: Dr Strange x reader Warnings: death, angst Request: Hello Pairings: Doctor Stephen Strange x Reader Genre: MAJOR angst, Arguments, Stephen being a slight asshole? Cradle Snatcher The tears of joy still run down your face, smudging your mascara A small giggle left her throat at the dazed look on his face Loki x Reader A confession from the doctor himself, changes everything Strange grinned and pressed his lips toward your ears, kissing it Meag “ He looked dreadful Stephen Strange had never imagined his life going this was, from being an awarded neurosurgeon to the sorcerer supreme, protector of the time continuum Tony is kind of shocked and Stephen and him just go back and forth with comebacks and the reader just tries to get them on the same page The cloak’s presence had Stephen’s A collection of Imagines and Miniseries for our favorite men of Marvel About Doctor Strange Angst X Reader It’s also a known fact that Stephen Strange is still in love with Dr [ Titan, 2018 “I could never forget you,” Stephen says, like you are the most A story about Doctor Strange in my marvel universe except she's female 7K Warning: References to Multiverse of Madness You both let out a small laugh 20-I can’t think of a joke right now Stephen picks you up by the waist and twirls you around Requested?: Yes Marvel (Coulson's team x reader) Agents Doctor strange x female!reader Yeah The New Doctor Strange by Zereq12 Warning/s: MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS SPOILERS! fluff, little bit of angst, anxiety mentions lmk if i missed anything Y/n said resting her forehead on his Strange #2 - With bruises and cuts, tubes and machines connecting themselves onto his body and don’t me get started on his hands Pairing: Tony Stark X Reader Summary: Stephen never told you about Christine 1 - Loki x Reader It was such a crazy day and you were too tired to return back to your home This imagine has been inspired by All I ask by Adele and Arcade Ever since Stephen became Doctor Strange, became a wizard, you couldn’t help but be worried about it him It didn’t stop you worrying, though Series: It’s all a Little Strange, Chapter 8 Masterlist Pairing: Stephen Strange x f!Reader A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is You woke with a start and sat up before you even registered what was happening For him Word count: 2 When you start to get distracted by an absolutely Pain radiated through the Doctor’s head as he slowly raised it from where it was “I know Luckily for you, Stephen Strange is always there to help when you need it Warnings: injury, mentions of blood, it’s unedited and probably badly written ”) from the list here An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works But the person on the other end of the phone isn’t at all who you expected Your Control Feedback is appreciated! Originally posted by alphalewolf About Doctor X Strange Reader Angst You swung your face around to dare not glance at him, despaired that your master was gone, seduced by darkness just like Kaecilious was You stopped in your tracks after catching the sight of him Summary: After chatting for what feels like forever on a forum, you decided to meet in person Requests are CLOSED Your mouth dropped open at his words and even Tony’s eyes widened as he stared at Stephen Arrogant Arse - Doctor Strange x Reader Warnings: miscarriage, sad steve/reader, depression, angst, im sorry if this is sad (im in a mood), bad writing, SAD FIC, medical inaccuracies? Word Count: 1379 With that she traveled away I was about to create a new portal when I heard her humming Louie Armstrong 1-That’s my girl Summary: You attend Christine’s wedding with Stephen by your side, only for your suspicions to be confirmed about the ex-couple A/N: This is my first time writing, so please take it easy on me Warnings: Language, sex Pairing: Doctor Strange x fem! Reader Pairings: Stephen Strange, X reader She was born in Hawaii, but due to family matters, she moves to Japan with her grandma at the age of 12 Stories are Reader Insert and include Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Peter Warning: mentions of blood, fighting, and implied death “That’s Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange Request: Dr Strange x reader with numbers #32 (“I can’t reach it You just might have to,” he feels your smile against his neck as you speak As much as I wanted to do this in series form, with the amount on my plate, I wouldnt do it justice by Keys 1 Prompt(s) from anonymous: Can we get a Stephen strange x reader that takes place in the beginning of IW, the reader was part of the avengers (she retired or something) and Stephen and her got married You gasped in shock at first, but your tense shoulders relaxed itself when you realized it was just Stephen’s cloak I couldn’t help but turn my head in curiosity Originally posted by docty-strange A/N: Just found out I’ve been spelling his name wrong this whole time Pairing: Stephen Strange x Female! Reader Pairing: Dr Strange x reader Warnings: death, angst Request: Hello drstrangexreader xreader drstrange +7 more # 8 The Enchantress' Tale (Doctor Stra Paring: Stephen Stange x Reader Warnings: angst (maybe?) death Summary: in which stephen does not have the time stone and he is Too Late Word Count: 977 (yike) a/n: wow ik i’m a shitty writer but this Word count: 1006 Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 10 - Words: 4,978 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: Dec 10, 2021 - Published: Nov 8, 2021 Warnings: Angst, swearing, Y/n being stupid Word count: 19,200 Pairing: Loki x f!reader (pre-dating) Warnings: angst, sexual innuendos/humor (but SFW), drinking of alcohol (no drunkenness), kissing, the old ‘there’s only one bed’ trope, marriage (but not reader’s), Jessa’s attempt at writing in original characters You just might have to,” he feels your smile against his neck as you speak You trailed your fingers from his shoulder to his wrist, and pouted, looking up with your doe eyes, the ones he can’t resist, “please, Stephen He smirks, “Maybe I will Not embarrassed at all Suddenly, a piece of cloth draped itself around your shoulders X-Men MCU Avengers | Reader Stephen Strange | Adventure Fantasy Loki X Reader Dr Strange X Reader Marvel Thor They scoot over to give her room on the couch ’ Warnings: None Just Fluff and Minimal Angst :’) (like very little angst) Summary: Stephen doesn’t usually find himself wanting to sleep in, what with all the protecting of earth and the universe there is to do, but (Y/N) tries to convince him that it’s fine to take a break sometimes ”) and #17 (“Let me know if you need help “Yeah, well, you swallow,” he shrugged without even looking up from his book It only took a second for you to recognize that you were in one of the hospital You were caught off guard Two hand prints rested in the center of his disposable shirt glowed bright as he smiled Also, I altered the prompt a little, just to make it fit him and the situation more Sequel to "Whisked Away" AN: I had a few requests to write a part two and possibly a series Stephen Strange Supreme x Reader by Amber 310 15 5 yep i'm letting out my obsessive desire for this man out in this right here Let alone with Title: Cradle Snatcher “Stephen Vincent Strange don’t you dare pull that Star Wars bullshit on me Originally posted by ruinedchildhood Pairing: Dr Strange x Reader Masterlist Taglist WC: 2 More specifically, the hospital where Stephen Strange, a long dead ghost to her, haunts the halls 16 ” I’d misjudged my portal in my hast to speak with Stark and come out on the balcony off of the Compound’s media room Of course, it leads to a not-so-nice argument between you two He sighed, locking your eyes with yours ] You met new people, they call themselves ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy A/N: requested by the lovely @missmomolarue I hope you like it! Masterlist What is for sure that it supposed to be with Stephen Strange, and maybe with the 1st and 20th prompt “That’s right, still no baby! Come on people! Please make some room!” She says “I love you,” you whisper Stephen Strange x f!Reader Originally posted by thelostsmiles Word count: 1654 Warning: Angst, cussing, Summary: you wanted to spend some time with Stephen since he’s been distant lately Requested by @cairo0003: Heya! Can I please request a Stephen Strange x reader? stephen strange stan “I thought you had forgotten me,” you say While studying with Strange, the reader visits a secluded beach through the Rotunda of Gateways located in the New York Sanctum Desperate, you promised him, “anything she/her , 22 Palmer Prompt: “Why are you scared of loving?” + “Make a wish!” w/ Stephen Strange Word Count: 300 Content Warnings: Stephen Strange x gn! reader, angst?, fluff Angst After seeking her out, Stephen forgets his reasons for his visit upon realizing she is clad in a bikini 6k No that’s fine You are the happiest girl in the world, laughing for Stephen’s excitement and his newfound memories It made your heart clench and stomach turn into You knocked on his door and walked in He was already reckless and arrogant without super powers #doctor strange #doctor stephen strange #marvel #marvel cinematic universe #fanfiction #stephen strange x reader #doctor strange x reader #stephenstrange #stephen #xreader #sorcerer supreme Part 2 here A/n: this was based off a trip I had, I apologise if its dumb but I was sorta venting ig Stephen trapped you with his hands plunged on your arms, enclosing you up to the wall the fire i had for him has died down a little but I'll write a few more before it's complete “Good morning- er, afternoon, sir - Dr Levi let him go as he looked at his chest You can also follow my main blog:speaknowmeag, and my kpop blog @jooniesrose Stephen Strange x Stark!Reader Search incorrect quotes for Hey, Stephen incorrect quotes what we were | Stephen Strange x Variant!reader THIS FIC CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED Synopsis: Stephen finds out that you have been having nightmares every time you sleep at night Your eyes widened as your eyes snapped to Peter whose mouth was hanging open stephen strange x fem!reader When Stephen asked you to be his wedding date though, you’re starting to regret your decision Please can I have a dr strange imagine in IW where his girlfriend who have elements control and she was with him when they went to space and fought thanos and she got a bit injured but she says that she’s alright while she was talking to Tony on how they need to get back home , she saw everyone despairing and she look at dr “Oh and Stephentag you’re it “You suck, asshole,” you spat On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality Along with the threat of Kaecilius, it was better for you to stay at Kamar Taj -I like your plan, except it sucks He is clearly in awe Y/N enters the living room, Pepper, Morgan, Wanda, Bucky, and Sam were all visiting and looked over as she entered the room This is the story of Stephanie Strange, the new Master of the Mystic Arts Search: Doctor Strange X Reader Angst Summary: A year after what was supposed to be the reader’s due date Discover more posts about dr strange imagine, dr strange x reader, doctor strange, stephen strange x reader, stephen strange fluff, dr strange angst, and stephen strange angst “There is a child here, Stephen!” you gasped Tagged: #Stephen strange #benedict cumberbatch #doctor strange #angst #imagine #preference #one shot #short #dribble #x reader #reader insert #fic #marvel #avengers #x #reader #tags #it in that queue #queuing like its British #requests #open #masterlist #gif #not my gif #avengers infinity war #fluff #hurt #pain #break up #littlemisscaptainfandom Originally posted by stephenstrangeisaho “In one condition,” he started It was a diplomacy mission, so Stephen has left the cloak behind Search: Doctor Strange X Reader Angst ⛈-Angst -Both ☁️-Undecided/I don't freaking know peter parker x reader loki x reader steve rogers x reader bucky barnes x reader wanda maximoff x After getting a taste of what they have been about, he comforts you the best he can Pairing: Stephen Strange x reader It was an odd change of events, his life feeling as if it had derailed during his accident, but it had truly been the beginning of his new life Seeing Ghosts (Stephen Strange X F!Reader) Summary: Thrown off course en route to 2012, (Y/N) finds herself in a hospital shades of blue Part of the Hey, Stephen Universe Warnings: N/A Word count: 794 Star-lord came up with a plan to piss Thanos off and Summary: It’s a known fact that you are in love with Stephen Strange My fandoms are: SPN, MCU, Star Wars, Sherlock, and DCEU \