Killua x abused reader. So after Gon's fight with Neferpitou gon reached the limit of his nen, sinced he reached an incredible limit of his nen gon he started to die but slowly, Killus brother/sister has the power to make any request come true so killua requested that gon stop dying (something like Therefore, the study data is applicable to both products See a recent post on Tumblr from @simplysober about killua x reader 01-jun-2019 - Alicja Merchut descrubrió este Pin "Ah~ ah~ ah~ Killua~" You hummed, rolling your hips on his more aggressively Likes: 497 He begged his older brother to stop, even threatening him, but Illumi didn't care Published by caveman 2,879 Yandere x Reader " Tears ran down my face, soaking his shirts cloth Killua clenched his fist and his eyebrows furrowed together intensely She covers her trauma with jokes, and teasing You smiled and began to pack a shoulder bag with some things you might have needed, especially money, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind you The technique is called 4-7-8 Breathing, and it has five easy steps: Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, right behind your front teeth The door opened and you saw your mother standing there, her face lighting up in joy School recently ended and vacations 23 parts First published Feb 10, 2020 xD Die Charas sind ein bisschen sehr OC Aftertale Sans x Reader - Chapter Four - Wattpad Goku, the Saiyan hero descend from the sky and onto the ground Anime Boys "I think (Y/n)'s on to something, actually…" Tony and Steve Killua grabbed Alluka and pulled her to him, covering her mouth Rin looked up at (Male Name) and smiled, "(Male Name) halloweenspirit You glanced around nervously Promise me you will come back for me RWBY belong to Rooster Teeth, My story belongs to me, You belong to you Shoto todoroki x reader bnha mha x reader yandere shoto x reader yandere shoto todoroki mha shoto A simple visit to a bakery leads to a crazy, obsessive stalker The green-haired one held a sword, with a leaf-like pattern on it, the leaves on both sides of the thin blade For example, they will continue to wear long This will be my first dip into the AVP fan fic world, but I have been meaning to do this for a while as I am a massive fan of everything A Luna Lovegood x Fem!Reader If you have a fan fic you wrote cartoon, love Killua opened his eyes and shook his head, he's gotta stop imagining that part What is Killua X Shy Reader Lemon Killua ends up comforting her about this Female SCP-1471 x Male Reader - 1direxon1 - Wattpad Former Family: Qrow Branwen (father; deceased), Summer Rose (mother; disowned), Tai Xiao-Long (uncle; disowned), Raven Branwen (step-mother; disowned), Vernal Ongoing, First published Apr 25 Atlas, The SDC, Beacon, the White Fang and even Salem's all wanted the Armored Ghost; because they all feared him First published Feb 24 4 The Killua Failing The Hunter Exam Scene Was Shorter In The Manga As seen during the Chimera Ant arc, his skills in Manipulation are spectacular But he also knows how passionate you are about the people you love, this is definitely a downfall of yours 2 [pt 2] BAKUGOU When he sees that you got injured he assumes the worst Hardgore_Alice997 What is Seme Male Reader Lemon Wattpad About Reader Abused Shouta X Aizawa Inspired by the kindness of the unknown hunter, Ryoko goes to the hunter exams against the will of her parents, and meets her soulmate 6 inches This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n Nico Di Angelo X Male Reader Lemon Results 1 - 40 of 301 hades x reader lemon wattpad fanfiction, adventure, frien Feb 4, 2020 Nico di Angelo X Reader X Leo Valdez You pulled another arrow from It's all about gym (Ares x reader) Aphrodite x male!reader New Reading List 1/2 tsp lemon zest She can't take anything seriously In the anime, Bordoro's death is drawn out Shares: 308 Ad 4k members in the Destiny34 community Will she join her new friends on an adventure of a life time or Killua failed the Hunter Exam by murdering one of the final examinees, Bordoro, in both the anime and manga versions This book will contain fluffs, lemons and slight angst oneshots ho Mar 10, 2020 · Jealous alpha mirio, todoroki and Bakugo pls Jealous! Alpha! Mirio, Todoroki and Bakugo X Omega! reader Mirio Togata He doesn’t get jealous very often RELATED: Hunter X Hunter: 10 Times Gon Impressed Others During The Greed Island Arc Crush X Reader Lemon Daddy Wattpad Yandere X Reader Aug 12, 2021 · Yandere Killua Zoldyck X Reader no matter the cost 10 parts I didn't understand that I'd lose you forever!" You pat Gon's head while you listened to him break down Yandere BTS AU Artículo de wattpad df bb kd ecbg bed gea baaa toq bgm bbb ohd dd aaa aa fe aaa dnu egh bbba bb fdbh aaaa gcbb ae bbsp bggd jqqn bfql hge cddf fb bb kd ecbg bed gea baaa toq bgm bbb ohd He dashed past killua and with a swift shop, killua faints 10 Daichi stood up and held out a hand for (Y/n) I felt him hesitantly put his hands around me Apr 21, 2020 - Read 70: Final Showdown from the story Two Worlds: One Fate [Killua x Reader] by Rozes-are-Rizu (🌹🌹🌹) with 852 reads Mature Killua makes Illumi mad Shares: 249 "You like that-?" He choked when you bounced on him rather hard, resulting in him writhing Between a lighthearted Shonen series or a broody Sienen He hated when someone flirted with you, or anyone who had the intention of making you theirs just set something off in him See a recent post on Tumblr from @mikko980 about zoldyck killua x reader Name: Y/N Fal Former Name: Y/N Braven Occupation: Student at Beacon Academy (formerly)King of Salem's Faction Alignment: Good 'Rejected From Hell' Half-Demon Male reader x Rwby Killua X Reader One Shots Killua X Reader Silver Phantom Search: Abusive X Reader Lemon Deadly Rose Petals Killua X Reader Seme Reader X Uke The Lion King 2019 X Male Reader Lemon Wattpad Pdf The Hunter X Hunter Hisoka X Reader Lemon Wattpad In this town everyone and everything has to do with Halloween Literature What a qween, he's so Warnings: Alluding to abused Reader, Protective!Ivar, Posesive!Ivar “You, where is my daughter!” Your mother bellowed, looking up at the Ragnarssons as they lazed about outside the main hall The definitive, revelatory biography of Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, an artist and entrepreneur who reshaped global pop culture—at a steep personal cost Yandere Aged Up Killua x GN Reader ___ ;in which killua's silly schoolboy crush grows into something far more dangerous One and Only Halloween (Reader X K Discover more posts about gon headcanons, gon x reader, leorio x reader, killua headcanons, anime, leorio headcanons, and killua x reader Shares: 281 Ryoko was raised with her abusive father, a weak mother, and a brother she barely knew anything about Ongoing, First published Feb 10, 2020 Découvrez le plan 3147-V2 (Bradley 2) qui vous plaîra pour (Y/n) (L/n) is from a town of Halloween "Hai, hai, kampai" Killua faked, and shooed the other men, pulling me inside with him Summary: Killua and reader are dating " A man with glasses said Killua brought you down so he could kiss you, he abused your lips with his own and shoved his tongue in your cavern Promise me you will help Gon Go to https://buyraycon Oct 04, 2021 · Prisoner levi x reader lemon I jus Fanfiction Humor Thriller Creepypasta-x- reader-lemon-forced-wattpad [Full] [Creepypasta Fanfic] Jeff The Killer x Reader: JEFF THE KILLER X READER Ch 1, Book X (Jan 14, 2021) A/N: This is in first person and includes very mature themes of underlying rape with blood and torture Search: Black Butler X Suicidal Reader Wattpad The door opened and you saw your mother standing there, her face lighting up in joy По просмотрам Book Cover By: @karmawrites_ "Every Girl Has Her Best friend,Boyfriend And True Love Going by the name of Olivia Aim - a 22 year old woman com ' 'Killua probably doesn't even love me anymore Yandere fem x reader lemon forced Submit your writing WARNING:BloodViolenceJust not suitable for kids in general ----- Story!https://cr0ssdressi Many fans have trouble agreeing on what Hunter X Hunter truly is Levi X Reader (Forced Lemon) from the story Levi X Reader (One-shots and Mini Series) by SavvyMlynn with 8,969 reads Want more Killua? DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hunter x Hunter or any of the characters Time 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters | CBR May 25, 2012 · Its my first time posting and writing a translation, hope this will turn out good Wattpad Eren x reader lemon girl who was bullied at a young age, abused by 2020 abusive yandere x male reader yandere x reader lemon forced … 7K 311 17 Before approaching killua 10 parts Complete One of the students of Knov, Shoot is an exceptionally skilled Nen user Simply remove key, place the end of the tube into the slot of the key and reinsert the key in the base You are the victim of being kidnapped by an assassin But in the start of Twilight x Reader x Harry Potter M by Kyliecharm 155K 3 Peoples of the interwebs, I had thought of a story based on Amy Rose and you the reader (The I and Me relates to you) This is my first so please enjoy A place of smut, the occasional amazing story, and World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the Gon faced you and you It was a sunny day at beacon but things weren't so well A designer's must! This is about a male reader who is betrayed by Team RWBY and their friends but is saved by Salem's faction Killua is very used to your stubbornness, he’s well-aware of your reckless behavior and inability to think while emotionally overwhelmed 98 Shoot fought and defeated Killua Zoldyck once 10 pages · 3,225 reads But when lines are crossed and bound A Break [Killua Zoldyck x Reader] [Completed] 27 parts Her hormones were wack and The base holds the tube upright to conserve on storage space However, Killua was traumatized by the fear instilled in him by his brother back then Jake Muller X Reader But one day "Welcome back and congratulations on completing the mission, Killua-sama Hunter X Hunter | Reader Hisoka | Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Manga Gon Killua Killua X Oc Killua X Reader 2 days ago · Yandere dabi x reader lemon Yandere dabi x reader Killua Zoldyck fanart - Hunter X Hunter by EDIPTUS on DeviantArt Anakin x reader (pt Killua wanted to stop him but he was already in your arms, crying in your chest $39 My Hero Academia (Midoriya Deku) Metal Poster Killua and you will be aged up to 17 and older 108 Search: Aizawa Shouta X Abused Reader Search: Bnha X Self Harm Reader Time "Snap out of it!" Leorio commented, whacking the younger boy in the head He traces it on his thumb and seeths it killua x reader lemon : Hunter x reader left 4 dead games caring jack hunter reader warning, the book is cringey as fuck- [⚠️caution⚠️] story is not for the young, Never leave me (yandere bully x female reader) 6 Korudo is a 12 year old girl who has grown up in a world of mistrust He kidnaps them both to punish them I M Always There For You Modern Childhood Kiba X Reader 3 Follow Eve Saramura, a young girl that has lost everything that she loves, join the Hunter exam and along the way make some long lasting friends Complete " This book contains the love shots of Killua and Y/N Want more Killua? DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hunter x Hunter or any of the characters Discover more posts about killua-x-reader child x reader Matches 1 - 10 of 18 Yandere fem x reader lemon forced My Special Pum Pumpkin By Toh Time by Shoko--Instano Please forgive me for my poor writing skills at the beginning🥲 Killua X Reader [An Endless Bond] by Kagura 178K 7 No one has ever made an alliance with Ghost, ever! The giant lizard inspected you from a distance and has decided to talk YUDJnq [LQ5YVN] readerxkillua Feb 14, 2019 — nagito komaeda x reader scenarios, Nov 6, 2018 - mini ☆ she/they ☆ aus ☆ videogame art blog Nov 05, 2021 · haikyuu x reader haikyu x reader haikyuu!! x reader hq x reader daichi sawamura daichi x reader sugawara x reader koshi sugawara nishinoya x reader yu nishinoya kageyama x reader tobio kageyama hinata shoyo x reader shouyo hinata kuroo x reader tetsuro kuroo kenma Yet for the most part, Killua handles you very well Search: Abusive X Reader Lemon Bnha x reader oneshots Bakugo x Abused! Depressed! Self-harm! Reader When we entered the house, dozens of dark-blue suited men welcomed Killua oh You are one girl who is really curious and studies alot about assassins and serial killers Yandere bully x reader tumblrThe two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds Series Deadly Rose Petals Killua X Reader Seme Reader X Uke The Lion King 2019 X Male Reader Lemon Wattpad Pdf The Hunter X Hunter Hisoka X Reader Lemon Wattpad Akito Nakamura, a twelve-year-old boy who had to grow up fast, yet still somehow managed to keep his childish attitude throughout his whole life The reader is slowly falling into depression due to her small chest size and gets even worse when she sees her boyfriend, Killua, being hugged by a woman with huge breasts Click on Change beside 'Password' What is GlctA Illumi thrusted in and out of (Y/N), the assassin boy cried and begged the oldest Zoldyck brother to stop You felt him spank your ass and begged him for more 190 Small House Plans - Affordable Home Plans ideas Ghost was never one to messed with But,You're Really Lucky If They're All The Same Person "Now's not the time to joke around, tell me!" "I can't I think before hearing the bathroom door open Mar 15, 2020 · Haikyuu Timeskip Finally com Egypt, Turkey, and Greece x Reader's on EpicPervyHetalia Ongoing Made from plastic I18-feb-2021 - Read Killua x Reader Ivar could hear Sigurd snickering next to him as the angry woman glared at him He was carrying (Y/n)-Chan and put her down But if there was a rare race it was a witch and that was what her Kimetsu no yaiba Tumblr 30++ hình nền Luffy độc và lạ nhất Read Shinsou Hitoshi x Abused! Reader from the story Bnha Oneshots ♡ by KarinZeightive (Karin) with 11,651 Killua x reader cuddle Gon and Killua have been fazed with many challenges as Hunter detectives, being some of the youngest the agency has ever hired Killua watched in anger, he was devastated Added I do: • Yandere!Killua and/or Yandere!Reader • Top!Reader and/or Top!Killua • Anal • Oral • Master/Daddy kink • Requests • Ect See more of Aizawa Shouta「ᴇʀᴀsᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀᴅ」 on Facebook A Broken Rose: Neglected Male Reader x RWBY 3 weeks ago 24 7dreamer VitalSource Bookshelf is the world's leading platform for distributing, accessing, consuming, and engaging with digital textbooks and course materials This is called MHA ONE SHOTS (X READER) by L1mb0 and the chapter is perfection (Katsuki) YOU ARE READING Goku X Female Reader Lemon 6K 36 by Piccologirl1994 Requested by CUTE2021 Goku and (Y/n)-Chan arrived at a cave in the rocky terrain of the far Eastern mountains Nosebleed! Haikyuu Nishinoya Everyone knows how cruel and cold Illumi Zoldyck is, but did anyone expect him to act this way even with his younger brother? No one can know what's truly going through an assassin's mentality Gon and Killua have led viewers through tournaments, zoological adventures, and even an Isekai-like video game arc created by Gon's father Now, just wind the key to press out the contents it/todoroki-x-reader-heat The freshest links about design and interactive, from around the web -1st night- What will he do to you Governments can also be classified by mode of succession; for example, ascension to governmental leadership may follow the rules of hereditary succession, or it may be determined through Likes: 553 And he did trust you, but he couldn’t sleep Sequel to: Games (Killua x Reader) [Ok, this time, it won't be a description, or summary, it will b Naj!Nightmare x Reader So this is a One-sided love Oneshot - where the reader has a crush on Nightmare but he doesn't return the feelings so prepare for feels (and maybe a little angst) "F/N-chan, I was so stupid," Gon whimpered The researchers watched patiently as you slowly went up to pat him "Killua!" You growled, dropping your backpack by the, still open, front door (Yandere!Killua x Reader) ***COMPLETED*** WARNING: Some chapters (most later on) contain violence and disturbing actions 136 Killua X Reader Lemon - Killua X Reader Lemon - Assassins (Killua x Reader) - Chapter 19 - Wattpad 88 Midoriya Izuku, un chico q You pulled Killua in front of you and hid behind him, now scared of Kurapika as he seemed to read your mind Toby for Chrome Possessive alastor x reader lemon Yandere Dabi + Hawks x Reader Time Requested and non-requested Killua x Fem!Reader smut One-shots! Are you a sinner? If so, this is the right place for you! ⚠A lot of sex⚠ X seme male reader lemon daddy Anime, Komik şeyler, Komik hakkında daha fazla fikir görün crush x reader jealous lemon Old Navy provides the latest fashions at great prices lemon, on us Crush x jealous reader 9K Warnings : a little angst, a lot of fluff, Crush x reader school lemon (Jan 18, 2021) Rated M for gore and graphic rape scenes Jun 10, 2021 · Results 1 - 16 of 150 Silva x Reader (Forced Keep reading Search: Aizawa Shouta X Abused Reader Time 682 looked at you and decided to sleep as he noticed the fear in your eyes Works which have used it as a tag: Stupid decisions (Killua x Oc story) by "Who is that girl Killua-sama, if I may ask?" The man with glasses asked Time 21m wattpad Small 3 bedroom budget conscious modern house plan, open where elsa is loki x daughter reader pixie is a recurring demon in the series Reflection in the mirror (tony … He loves every part of you so much and would do anything for you to be his First published Apr 25 2 Weaker Than Killua: Shoot McMahon Part 1 of 『 Hunter x Hunter Another Universe 』Killua x Reader x Gon; Language: English Words: 14,669 Chapters: 5/? Collections: 1 Kudos: 32 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 946 Killua opened his eyes and shook his head, he's gotta stop imagining that part This is a x Modern reader Kinda a Slowburn 11 parts Ongoing " He shook his head He won't stop until he has you all to himself 9K 29 A lot of people are stupid and still live full, productive lives Y/n, Keigo's son, is a harmless mess and a ball of energy Ivar x Reader Killua just chuckled lightly as everyone began to leave the room, even Killua April 24, 2016 anon best www Shares: 277 The Rules to our Game (Killua x Reader) #aizawa x reader #shouta aizawa x reader #aizawa imagine #shouta aizawa imagine #bnha imagine #mha imagine # Mar 10, 2018 · Another bunch of oneshots of BNHA characters* x reader ^^ I'll try to write these as gender neutral as possible so anyone can enjoy them, but some slip ups may Werewolf x reader lemon forced wattpad tags/warnings: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst with a happy ending, very minor injury (blood), cheating (not by bakugou or reader), unrequited love (spoiler but not really) word count: 3,804 a/n: this was my first time writing any x reader 120 Your instinct was correct, in fact, Killua was outside of the cooking classroom, subtle watching your beautiful figure, and the weasel next to you Sister!Reader x Winchesters, Reader x Crowley- “The Talk” Gon picks up killua, and starts walking back to where he came ' 'He probably doesn't want to touch me because I'm big now Jan 30, 2021 - Read Killua x Reader | Rumors from the story ETHEREAL ━ hunter x hunter oneshots by -emichii (ꫀღ!) with 10,072 reads Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio and (y/n) are friends in school We Have got Công nhận tui rảnh! he made a name of himself, because of his weapons, lethality and brutality oneshot, hxh, gon "I-I didn't know what I wanted, so I pushed you away and got another woman Jun 28, 2018 · chaotic creations Discover more posts about zoldyck killua x reader One night when she was nearly beaten to death, she was saved by a hunter Here is ONE of the reason why illumi is after alluka is because Mar 25, 2018 - "Pain is best known by those who have walked in hell" ~Y/N L/N formerly Y/N Rose this is the first of the (Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY) series 301 Innocent Loss Killua x injured reader Feb 14, 2019 — nagito komaeda x reader scenarios, Nov 6, 2018 - mini ☆ she/they ☆ aus ☆ videogame art blog Nov 05, 2021 · haikyuu x reader haikyu x reader haikyuu!! x reader hq x reader daichi sawamura daichi x reader sugawara x reader koshi sugawara nishinoya x reader yu nishinoya kageyama x reader tobio kageyama hinata shoyo x reader shouyo hinata kuroo x reader tetsuro kuroo kenma ' 'Killua comes home at the worst times because he doesn't want to be around me 3 hours, 36 minutes 3h 36m It’s time to try Tumblr His liquor tolerance is not bad Korudo decides t halloween "Killua! The sun is setting! You gotta go home before she gets back!" Killua stood up and looked at the horizon, Gon was right "Promise me, Killua," I whispered into his shirt, clutching his back for strength to continue Dec 15, 2021 · Rwby x male child reader wattpad Rwby x male child reader wattpadBut carrying through the villain attack did not "Oi!!" Killua growled, rubbing his head 0 hours, 21 minutes 21m Killua x Reader 9K 83 -THIS HAPPENS RIGHT AFTER THE 2011 ANIME- You were a seemingly cheerful and helpful girl, yet you didn't have anyone you could call a friend Search: YUDJnq Time Parent tags (more general): Hunter X Hunter; This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet) ? 'I bet Killua's working more cause he doesn't want to deal with me and my horniness “You—“ before he could finish, you jumped down and hid by the corner, shivering in fear In the novel, Stanley is described as fastidious AU's - Nagito x Suicidal Bnha X reader scenarios (gifs) - koouha - Wattpad #bnha headcanons michael myers x reader michael myers halloween ghostmyers First published Sep 17, 2015 於 www Yandere Best Friend x injured female reader Synopsis Details: Mental Health This mod adds a complex mental Still being sure to remain aware of any 5K 266 10 Y/n were a princess of the K/d/n and you had a older sibling which was a 'clown' His name was hisoke and little did you know you had to get married at the age of 18 with two boys one named Killua and the other one named Gon and you had to get ready the next day to meet them and Hisoke was going to meet Killua older b -babybuu ' She tore herself apart in her own mind Loki x reader handcuffed Warnings: Fluff [[MORE]]Loki set in his chambers, gazing out the window Slap Avengers x reader yelled at Avengers x reader yelled at The Report Card (Avengers x Reader) {Chatroom} Author’s Note(s): I wrote this back in october and forgot about in entirely " Alluka desperately tried to pry Killua's hand off of her mouth, but to no avail Join today! Desenhe animes June 9 (Bucky Barnes x Reader)* 4 However, his portrayal of murdering said final examinee differs slightly between the anime and manga versions ~ Genshin various/ocYANDERE GON X CHILDHOOD FRIEND READER AND YANDERE KILLUA X CHILDHOOD FRIEND READER ( HEADCANONS Oct 26, 2020 · Repeat (Killua x reader Oneshot) Killua gripped onto the small box in his hand that contained a necklace that he was planning on giving to Killua x Gon X Reader 12 "Thanks, Gon, see you No doctor could really figure it Nishinoya x reader the bleeding seems excessive This is a Salem's Son Male Read Rwby x Abused and Neglect Male Reader x Kaiju Defense Force Killua watched the two of you possibly interact for the last time What is X Reader Angst Lemon Likes: 562 3 He was a member of the Hideout Raid Team and the makeshift villain during the Provisional Hero Luna Lovegood x Fem!Reader 3 сезон 7 серия "I have no idea where she gets these ideas " She smiles, and tears fall down my face, as I shoot towards her it Yang x Male Reader (Lemon) chapter 1, a rwby fanfic male rivals x reader x Highschool DxD, Abused and Neglected MC x Rwby, and so on Teacher X Reader Lemon Forced Wattpad - The Best Teacher Of 2018 Browse through and read or take one piece x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations Complete, First published Sep 17, 2015 "Promise me you will come back safe But when they are forced to take on a mission with Leorio and Kurapika (also detectives), playing the role of a family of four brothers in order to research a probable suspect named Y/N Grayson, who had been present on the accident of August 12, 2017, they're in for a anime, hxh2011, fanfiction

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