Computer monitor goes black after a few seconds. Monitor overheating Enter the BIOS Moderator Hardware Team Resetting the PC to manufacturing Unplug computer Step 2: Expand Diskpay adapter, find your graphics card driver and right-click on it to choose Uninstall device to fix laptop screen goes black but still on issue SN: CNT704Z17Q If the latest graphics card drivers are causing you issues with your Plug in the computer Step Here is the fix My moniter * Disconnect the monitor power cord from the rear of the monitor * Press and hold the monitor power button in for 5 seconds * Reconnect the monitor power cord to the rear of the monitor * Turn the monitor on * The floating red/green/blue/white dialog box should appear on screen against a black background without going off If your monitor goes black for a few seconds and then comes back on, it’s usually because something went wrong with the cable or power to the device Windows will then display a “Please wait” screen for a few seconds while you change the settings Get in Store app Monitor Connections That fix the black screen when browsing !! You need to access the RUN window and type TEMP -Booting in safe mode Since this supplies the power to your motherboard, it might be possible that correct voltages are not delivered properly Phones ; Internet & Security ; black out issue will be solved after the external thunderbolt monitor cable from apple Displays: 1: Apr 23, 2022: T [SOLVED] Only 1 out of 2 monitors goes black for roughly 3 seconds randomly while gaming, and consistently when using the steam app: Displays: 6: Jan 26 Select the Device Manager shortcut on the Win + X menu How to disassemble / open LCD & Fix turns off after few seconds, easy common repair works for HP, Compaq, Dell lcd too, reset won't work, CCFL backlight fix- Try resetting the cmos, either use the jumper, or unplug the computer from the wall, push the power button (to drain the psu caps), then remove the cmos button cell battery and wait 30 seconds I have to pwr off and on just for it to stay on for a few seconds Following are these causes: Cause 1: Monitor Overheating i hope that will solve the problem Plug the monitor back on and hit the power button if it doesn't turn itself on automatically Rev: CTM003 Your computer needs good ventilation to avoid overheating It can happen even if the CPU or the GPU isn’t under a lot of load At the os verification is off screen, do not press the spacebar Go to Settings, select Ease of Access, click High Contrast, and uncheck the option Description In the window, switch to the Details Tab (or Processes Tab in Windows 7) ok, try lowering the resilution down alittle and see if that helps Notification Preferences A " Select a power plan " window will be opened News My screen will sometimes go black for a few seconds and the sound stops, but when the picture come back the sound doesn't When I first installed the GPU and installed GeForce Experience + Updating the drivers Now when i hit the power button the blue light at the bottom goes on but the screen stays black Step 3: In the pop-up window, click VERY FRUSTRATING to deal with this recurring problem Method 2: Step 1: Try to boot into safe mode and check is the computer goes to black screen Fix chromebook black screen of death with f2, f9, and f10 key; If the chromebook won't turn on, please continue with the following tips for chromebook troubleshooting Boot Windows 11 in Safe Mode: Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off your computer Step 4: Scroll down to System And it happens every 5 seconds or so Assembly Number: 434000-001 Next, right-click your PC’s listed graphics card and select Properties Step 1: First, you need to know what graphics hardware you currently have The monitor is working and I can move my cursor from Asus monitor Reset your attention Rest your eyes ---------------- Pressing a key combination will turn your screen black Sign in, press Windows key + X, click Device Manager, expand Display Adapter, right-click the display driver, then click To stop this behavior, do this: right-click and choose Personalization -> Screen timeout -> Screen and sleep If your computer screen is flashing on and off, it could be an indication that the monitor is failing Load Even though cards are rated for higher temps, this is the GPU and many boards will black out to keep the heat/current in check I made sure that the problem was indeed the built-in monitor cable by bypassing it completely using a normal thunderbolt cable plugged into the expansion thunderbolt port on the monitor (yes the monitor can be used this way, as long as you don't require For the option "When screen plugged in, put my device to sleep after" select "Never" There can be many reasons for your monitor to go black Put the GPU back in Put the C2032 battery back in Displays: 1: May 1, 2022: Question i'm getting a black screen for 1-3 seconds on my 144hz monitor Sometimes it will be back to normal for a while, sometimes the problem persists Check all cables connected to the computer and make sure they are fully plugged in Get tech’s top stories in 30 seconds: How do I fix a beeping sound on my computer? Common and Easily Fixed Beeping Computer Problems Check the keyboard to ensure that there are no stuck keys and no keys are being held down Exit Safe Mode by restarting your Mac as normal and see if you can login now This generally gets a Mac work Question Monitor is working but screen goes black after 1 second Periodically - maybe every 3 weeks all of the sudden the screen goes to black for a second You can tell the game is still running because of the sounds so it's Press the number 4 Both failing monitors would start up and then go black after a few seconds Step 4 The monitor is malfunctioning wrote: Has anyone had any response from Sky for this issue that doesn't consist of "Try replacing your HDMI or resetting your box?" This How to fix black screen with desktop access on Windows 10 Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager 3 Joined Jan 27, 2010 How to fix black screen with desktop access on Windows 10 Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager Work in intervals 4 (2) Next, choose the 'Contact Support' tab at the top and scroll down to the bottom of the 'HP Support- Contact' page to fill out the form provided with your contact information Turn on the computer and immediately press Esc repeatedly, about once every second Product Number: RG556AA Monitor turns black after one second What I noticed is that When playing AC Valhalla the screen goes black and my Monitor shows 'no signal' and goes back to the lock screen, this happens after like an hour or so This happens at random times The reason for this problem is because your graphics card has become corrupted and needs to be repaired or updated to deal with the screen going black Obviously something has changed but it's not obvious and at our rates, it's not worth it to her for me to try In " Turn off the display ", select " Never " from the drop-down menu under both the options " On battery " and " Plugged in " After it restarted, my login screen was positioned much like this Hit enter, and you will get access to the hidden folder I don't think it's the power since the light stays blue while this happens Computer Accessories ; Gaming ; Gifts ; Networking ; After turning it on, it would show the desktop for about a second and then immediately turn black Hold the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer Some of these monitors are defective, and will go black during gameplay or won't turn on when starting PC Boot your computer into Safe Mode Plug the PC back into the wall or flip the PSU To open the Win + X menu, press the Windows key + X hotkey combination Make certain the ventilation holes aren’t blocked by dust or It will stop random sleep mode kicking in Close the Task Manager app and launch Teams again the heat you are noticing on connector is coming from PC which lead to connector Log in and check if the app window is still black Turning it on and off again (yes Right-click on each process and select End task And thanks for reply Then press Most often, a suddenly black screen accompanied by what appears to be a completely unresponsive computer is a symptom your computer has crashed The cable connecting the monitor with power is loose or worn off Some computer settings, however, can cause the monitor to flicker or turn off by morry6223 · about 12 years, 11 months ago For that, press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog Remove any objects blocking the computer’s air vents She's still on Win7, so hopefully an upgrade to Win10, when she's ready will fix the issue The "Change Screen Saver Settings" window will appear Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central) If the screen is still showing in black, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to shut down the device Next, enter your HP model number on the right Not sure if this is graphics card related, but it might, so here we go These cables can include the power cable running into the monitor, as well as any other type of connector such as HDMI cables, and display port cables My first MSI monitor would go blank/black in the middle of gaming, randomnly for 10-15 seconds Permalink Although the system can always automatically install the latest displayer driver, you should try this method when this issue happens When it starts showing you the Windows Logo on the monitor screen, reboot it again When I am playing Wow (Classic), the screen goes black repeatedly for a second or two, then goes back on after a few days the issue started ) This will start Windows 10 in Safe Mode An outdated displayer adapter driver can also cause Windows 10 black screen The light remains green so it's not idling or sleeping Step 2: Tap on the three-dot menu at the upper right corner #12 · Aug 25, 2011 Make/ Model: HP w22 Press and hold Power button for 30 seconds I don’t think the monitor itself is turned off, nor do I get a message on my screen Other users confirmed that disabling high contrast mode fixed the problem for them Check for the Conflicting Apps Roll back your graphics card’s driver As per the title, when I wake my computer up from sleep mode, after 15-30 seconds the screen will go black, but everything will still be running It happens when I'm gaming, watching youtube videos and even when I'm just reading something on the PC Free Launch the Task Manager and locate all Microsoft Teams processes running in the background Press the power button The monitor is a Samsung Space (SR75) I have 2 Dell 17" LCD screens that goes off (blank) after 1 or 2 seconds Select the Windows Explorer service Here are some of them: The power supply is unreliable By the way, if you own a Surface device and you often encounter this problem, use the “End task If the power indicator on the monitor -- usually a small light by the button -- indicates that the monitor is turned off, turn it back on; you may have bumped it After a few seconds the screen goes black with the exception of a tiny strip at the top where I can still tell my background is changing wrote: Has anyone had any response from Sky for this issue that doesn't consist of "Try replacing your HDMI or resetting your box?" This Restart your computer to apply the changes After having the intermittent blackout problem on my Thunderbolt display for years it seems that I have fixed it by replacing the cable There, click Advanced options -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings Doc ID: 82566 Most likely that is caused by your graphics card device driver and Windows 10 updates are either installing an incompatible version or corrupting the installed version Shutdown computer Music/video still playing, programs still running, etc It doesn't display disconnected or anything like that, just off and on I have the same problem with the same size and brand of moniter After the monitor wakes up from being off and after what seems like a random amount of time (usually 5-10 minutes), the monitor will go back for a few seconds and then come back on Wait 30 seconds, grab a glass of water or something I didn’t buy any GPU, I’m using the Intel integrated GPU, and the problem is that my monitor screen occasionally goes black for a few seconds, and I’m not sure why this is happening #1 I unplug everything, let it sit for a while and restart The broken or damaged video cable connected to your computer might also be causing the problem When a monitor overheats, it shuts off to prevent damage to the circuitry inside Click the Processes tab My problems is not related to video cards or anything else with the computer itself Causes of Monitor Turning OFF and ON Repeatedly Step 5: Disable the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ option History If this doesn’t work, restart your Windows Explorer using “Task Manager” which can be opened with “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del” When I Alt+Tab or use a Windows key to get out of a game (in this case World of Warcraft) and use a Windows feature or other program like Chrome, when I return to the game, I experience a 1-2 seconds black display Step 3: Go to Settings One reason the monitor could shut off is because it's overheating Now, use the monitor to see if it powers off or goes blank Step 2: Go to the Display tab and There are loose wires, broke pieces or faulty parts in the body I have to Open Firefox and Go into : Tools / Options / Advance / General Tab and under Browsing Unchecked the box that says : Use hardware acceleration when available Open Computer Remove the C2032 battery for 30 seconds If your monitor is going black for a few seconds, then you should try updating your graphics drivers Click on " Change plan settings " next to " Balanced (recommended) " Now, you can just barely see a very dark gray picture on the black screen (not enough to make out the details of the picture, but enough to see the outline of the underlying dialog boxes, etc Sometimes it will go black and restart on its own, other times it just stays black I recently built a new PC, and bought a new monitor, Benq GL2780 Click the More details button (if in compact mode) I found the culprit of the Black screen in my browser and the fix as well This only happens if I'm using my monitor, connected by as my default Rest your eyes 2 Part 2: How to recover data from black screen computer due to system failure Delete the folder's contents entirely, and you will most probably resolve the black screen issue while playing videos The screen may also flash on and off if the power or data cable connections are loose Blinking on and then off Things I’ve tried so far: Updating all drivers (videocard, monitor, etc) Check the connection between the monitor and computer Only show this user In reply to lcd 17″ dell monitor works for 3 seconds then goes blank Click on Start Fix 3: Reinstall the display adapter driver When a monitor is overheating, it automatically goes OFF to keep circuitry damage at bay If the monitor is overheating, unplug the Sounds like you're hitting the thermal limit of your GPU After that go back to msconfig and put a check on dianostic boot and see if the screen works properly The steps are given below: Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time to open the Task Manager Open Device Manager (accessible by right clicking your Start Button) Expand the Display Adapters Section Right click your video card and choose Properties Method 1: If you have any external device connected to the computer you may try to disconnect the external device except for the keyboard and mouse and check if the issue occur wrote: Has anyone had any response from Sky for this issue that doesn't consist of "Try replacing your HDMI or resetting your box?" This Graphics Drivers 14,193 Posts My monitor still have signal, although I did see it have no signal at one point Screen goes black! when i open the game it will keep going to black screen then it will come back for a few seconds then this just happens over and over but when i get to the main menu (after the first click) i get a "mini display port no signal" the it just gets stuck there The conditions it happens: - Tried different displayport cables Set the screensaver to "None" and click Apply Close Search the site GO In search bar, type Power options and press Enter exe process Hello, I bought an Acer Nitro VG240YP monitor a couple days ago and the display goes black for a second and turns back on Remove the GPU and clean the PCIe connectors of the GPU with a cotton cloth or Pencil eraser I have had this problem with older equipment too try external thunderbolt display cable Just this morning, I had to replace one that goes off on 2 workstations and also on my laptop 2 Your monitor may be turning off due to a multitude of reasons I have been using a two monitor setup for a couple years now consisting of a SA300B Syncmaster Samsung monitor (monitor 1) and an Asus monitor (monitor 2) Today at 1:51 AM It's still set to None, but we played with 10 minutes to an hour and like clock work, the screen would go black after that set time Some of the reasons why your monitor might go black are but not limited to: Bad PSU: The Power Supply Unit is known to be the most common culprit of making your monitor go black Adjust your clocks to run lower or cap your framerate I'm dealing with a ViewSonic VP730b LCD monitor (3) Once completed click the 'Show Options' icon on the bottom right Click Restart Problem: when I turn the I have a ASUS 3070 Strix 8gb OC It can be if the GPU you installed is damaged and not plugged in properly While some of them are associated with the monitor, a few relate to the computer system This also happens when I use keyboard shortcuts to change volume and the Windows volume bar appear in game It allows you to 1 And the most common cause of crashes is overheating When I turn it on it stays on for a few seconds, turn off and stay off Date of Manufacture: January 2007 4 My second monitor doesn't, but sometimes will go black when booting up Answer (1 of 5): Hello, you should change your HDMI / DP or whatever the cable your using to connect your PC to your monitor, I had the same problem and this fixed it The most common cause is when your power supply is not supplying required voltage to the motherboard of your computer Email Me Notify Me Black Screen is a program for people who spend long hours working on the computer Step 1: If your Asus, HP or Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly in Windows 10/11, right-click on the Start button and choose Device Manager Go to Nvidia control panel > Adjust desktop color settings > Select use Nvidia settings > Near the bottom you will find the "content type reported to the display" menu, change this to full-screen videos and click apply and the problem should be fixed Another time it would just freeze when I was browsing the web and then it would stay frozen for a few minutes instead of seconds and then goes black and reboots, and for the first Click Start, type in "screensaver" (no quotes) in the search box; wait a few seconds and then click the Change Screensaver link when it is presented Why does my screen go black for a few seconds Windows 10? Why does my laptop screen go black randomly? The possible causes of a black screen could be: A Windows update gone wrong (recent updates as well as the Windows 10 upgrade have caused issues) Out of nowhere, samsung monitor started giving me a black (blank) screen after turning on and proceeds to show no display If your system gets corrupted and shows a black screen on the computer, or while fixing the black screen, you lose your important data, you can recover it easily with the professional data recovery software One of the Check your temps A couple of issues can cause your monitor to turn OFF and ON That fix the black screen when browsing !! Whenever it is set to any value, windows start kicking you out randomly after a short period of time (seconds) Re: Screen Goes Black Every Few Seconds Turning the monitor off and back on brings everything back, however sometimes it will go black again requiring another off/on ) made it come back and turn off after a second again The hardware is overheating and the wires and circuits are fried If there is a remedy to fix a monitor that goes blank after coming on for a few seconds, please let knowledge ring When the menu appears, press the F2 key Type in dxdiag and press Enter So, you need to resolve the issue by restarting the process Double-click the Display adapters category within the Device Manager window Causes of overheating include dust build-up, excessive heat or humidity, or blockage of the vents that allow the heat to escape Regulatory Model: HSTND-2241-T · If the cable has come loose or gone bad, it may cause the display to go black while you're using the computer Make periodic breaks 3 How do I fix a black screen on Windows 10 after login? Use this Windows key sequence to wake up the screen: the “Windows” key, “Ctrl”, “Shift” “B”, all pressed together Nothing to do with it Most common: overheating Repeat two more times to enter WinRE Step 2: There, you will find the explorer Install the latest version of the HP Hardware diagnostics (UEFI) on your device using this link: Click here for details It went away for a little bit but after installing the then latest nvidia driver update, it happened again and the only way I can use my Turn off high contrast mode However, your Mac can't If they're getting above 65 or 70, it could be the issue The only fix is to return the monitor to MSI for warranty repair Graphics Drivers